50% Humanitarian, 50% Misanthrope

Alone in a crowd

By Ben Anson

HAVANA TIMES – Dear Readers, I have been forced as of recent (if not throughout one’s entire life at different stages and regular intervals) to reach the firm conclusion that many people out here are just assholes.

The reasons range and extend to such great lengths.

So much so, that one could easily write an entire book detailing all of the examples of why people in general are decidedly unpleasant.

The falseness, the sheer stupidity, the ignorance, the envy, jealousy, etc., etc. – need we even go into it?

I am quite certain that many others feel the same way, more often than not.

If you’re nice to people, they think that you’re weak and immediately begin looking at ways to take advantage of your good nature and even disrespect you.


People always comment on your image – “you look terrible”, “that haircut doesn’t suit you”, “do you only have one pair of shoes? I always see you in those…”

These, by the way, aren’t precise examples of what people say to me – I get told so many things – I’m sure I’ve been told similar. If I had a cent for every time someone felt it ‘okay’, appropriate, not even remotely rude (somehow) or normal to come right up to me and make a personal comment – I would probably be worrying Donald Trump by now. He’d be concerned that I had more money than him. Intriguing, too, how these are always individuals who really should take a look at themselves in the mirror.

It’s like the saying, “nobody who is doing better than you is going to criticize what you’re doing”.

I’ve actually never had someone who was clearly good-looking come and comment on my personal appearance. No model ever insulted me.

Deep down, truth be told, I am not the hardest fella to look at – people are just jealous.

Terribly unhappy, too.

El que es feliz no jode.

A great saying in Spanish.

He who is happy doesn’t mess with others.

People are also remarkable in how reluctant they are to admit when they’re wrong or when you are standing alone telling the truth. They just look at you –with that face. You know what face I’m talking about. Conspiracy theorists call it “the fluoride stare”- haha!

“If you knew what people said about you behind your back you wouldn’t smile at many”.

Another great saying.

People can’t stand it either when you keep yourself to yourself and don’t participate in their ‘tribe’.

Saying “no” to socializing with your awful colleagues outside of work could be your death sentence at the place of work in question, for instance.

People are tiring, at the very least.

People are assholes, at the very worst.

A lady who recently passed away – in England I believe, was asked what advice she had for someone to lengthen their chances at living a long, fruitful life.

“Stay away from other people as much as possible,” she retorted.


I honestly do not wake up and go around giving people shit.

I can say that hand on heart.

In no way, shape or form do I give others any grief.

I don’t believe that one should.

Thus, I believe that I am now, in all honesty, 50% humitarian and 50% misanthrope.

And I further believe that this is the only stance that any reasonable person could possibly take.

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Ben Anson

“The moment that I disembark (from a plane), I notice that everything in my body and in my mind readjusts itself for me", so remarked Gabriel Garcia Marquez - when speaking of his relationship with the Caribbean. He felt the strongest physical and mental connection with this part of the world and deemed it as far as ‘grave’ and immensely ‘dangerous’ for him to leave its zone. Only here, did ‘Gabo’ feel ‘right’ in himself. Honduras, does for me - precisely what the Caribbean did for Marquez. A resplendent yet troubled nation, that I have been decidedly unable to part with ever since 2014. I thus seek to capture its essence through the written word.