Hermenegildo’s Silence

By Erasmo Calzadilla

Around the time around my firing from the university, there appeared a sort of “commentator” on my diary entries on this website; it was a person who called themself Hermenegildo.

By the manner in which that person wrote, they seemed to be someone connected to the school – a student or a teacher – who scribbled their offensive comments so full of bile.  Notwithstanding, there’s no one with that name in the university where I worked.

Either Hermenegildo was not from the school but tried to pass him/herself off as being with the university, or he/she actually was from there and wrote their courageous digs hidden behind the mask of a pseudonym.

Hermenegildo was a slanderer not especially disposed to reflection; he/she was someone who made doltish comments, like “everyone in the school is happy with your expulsion.”

It was then that I invited Hermenegildo to participate in a kind of a public debate here on the pages of Havana Times.  I proposed this – since he/she had “stooped” to writing in this online publication – to take advantage of it and detail the reasons that led the institution and him/her to despise and expel me in the way that they did.

Yet never again did we hear from this being.

I won by default; Hermenegildo never reappeared. Readers must think that my accusers are losers who are good for making cowardly stabs, but not for much else.

I have come to even believe that this could have been a diversionist maneuver of the CIA to discredit real revolutionaries, because this episode with Hermenegildo is far from the stance that I’m accustomed to from true communists.

4 thoughts on “Hermenegildo’s Silence

  • I bet he’s the one that pulled some strings to get you fired.

  • For them Yoani Sancez is just some kind of paid enemy of the “Revolution”.

  • If you go to Octavocercoblogspot or desdecuba.com/Sinevasion you will easily find there Castro”s supporters voicing their horrible comments so full of bile and so eager to insult bloggers in a way that is very hard to conceive.For them internet connectivity doesn’t seem to be a problem.
    Democracy,freedom,true economic and political power for the individuals is something the cuban government is struggling very hard with.It’s not about the political propaganda terms “revolutionary” or “communist”.In Cuba and most countries in Latin America is more about “slavery” versus “”free man” society.It reminds me more of USA North-South civil war dilemma,which is something cubans never really settle in a final way.
    The Castro “Revolution” is proving to be a very fake one,actually,as despite their ambitious and well advertised pro-socialism programs,leaders of the “Revolution” are not even passing the “free men society test”.
    For them Yoani Sanchez is just a…

  • Diversionist maneuver of the CIA? Highly unlikely.

    Supporters of the Castro regime? Highly likely. Not that these latter folks are anywhere near being “true communists.”

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