The Christ of Venezuelan Teachers

By Onai

HAVANA TIMES – Like a total Messiah, giver of last-minute favors and miracles, the president laughs at the Venezuelan teachers.

A week ago, he offered them a pair of shoes and a leather bag “at cost”. The gesture could be taken as an attempt to reconcile with the sector most affected by the economic crisis; but it could also be taken as a blatant mockery, after several years in which teachers have demanded that the government pay their debts.

Some of the teachers, sunk in need, have applauded the gesture and have jumped into the lines to acquire the shoes that, according to the ruler, are of excellent quality and are almost free. Others, feeling humiliated, have raised their voices in protest, as is the case of the teacher and union leader Elsa Castillo, who told the truths to the Maduro regime.

Meanwhile, in public schools, school supplies are beginning to be delivered. This time the notebooks, pencils, pencil cases and backpacks will come with the image of Super Mustache. For now, the images of Mr. Super Mustache do not come with the cross of the Nazarene, but at some point, the dictator will not be able to resist the allegory.

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I like to write, but I don't do it. I prefer to draw and repair what is damaged if it can be fixed. I identify with what animals and the most vulnerable people feel. I like trees and I am hopeful even though time is running out for us humans on the planet. I was born in a soft, watery, generous, diverse and complex land subjected by the most perverse political ignorance of those who drown in their own speech. However, here I still am, trying to protect dreams.