Industrial Tourism in Cuba (Video)

Video by Elio Delgado Valdés



HAVANA TIMES – Industrial tourism is one of the modalities being promoted in Cuba, and the abandoned sugar mills are one of the destinations.

In this video we give you a tour on a legendary train, the journey is one kilometer and has two stops.

At the hosts first they give the tourists a taste of fruits and explain about the root crops and vegetables of the Matanzas region.

The second stop is a performance. An experienced pruner goes up a royal palm, accompanied by a drummer.

At the end you can savor a bit of guarapo sugar cane juice; The whole show is with workers from the Australia sugar mill.

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4 thoughts on “Industrial Tourism in Cuba (Video)

  • Not exactly a quiet day out – all that continuous music would make me want to jump off the wretched train.
    On my last Havana visit there was no information at all about Industrial Tourism !!
    All must be now on hold as all international are suspended from Europe.

  • Ron, the author of the video told me that any tourism office would have the information for Industrial Tourism reservations. Just say you want to visit the Central Australia in Matanzas, Province.

  • We will look into it and get back to you.

  • Thank you for this information!
    Who do I contact to arrange a tour and train ride?
    Thank you!

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