Catholic Priest Expelled & Farm School Closed in Nicaragua

Clergy confirm cancellation of residency of Colombian priest Luis Carrillo and the closure of a Catholic Church Agriculture School

By Ana Lucia Cruz (Confidencial)

HAVANA TIMES – The Esteli diocese confirmed through its social networks, the closure of its Agriculture Technical Institute in north-central Nicaragua. Likewise, the government revoked the residency of Colombian priest Luis Carillo, of the Saint Jude Thaddeus Parish, of Condega.

“They withdrew his residency, just for speaking out against injustice and human evil,” said the Esteli diocese.

Pastor Rodriguez, parish priest of Saint Francis of Assisi Church in Esteli, confirmed the cancellation of Carrillo’s residency. He said the Colombian was first notified to present himself to Immigration. Without any explanation they only informed him that his residency was “canceled.”

“We talked with the priest and know that his residency is valid until 2022. It seems arbitrary to cancel a valid residency without explanation or without the person committing a crime,” he said.

Rodriguez did not mention whether Father Carrillo already left Nicaragua. He noted that in these circumstances they usually give thirty days to leave the country, although others must leave immediately.

Esteli bishop Abelardo Mata confirmed the cancellation of Carrillo’s residency on the “Portavoz Ciudadano” (Citizens Voice) website. He also recalled other cases of foreign priests having their residency withdrawn by the Ortega regime.

“They’ve cancelled the residency of several priests. Indeed, Father Luis Carrillo of Colombian origin had his residency cancelled,” said Mata.

The Secretary of the Nicaraguan Episcopal Conference typified such actions, “as part of the same persecution the Church faces here. There are foreign priests who raise their voice for justice and that does not please the Ortega regime.”

The government closes the Churches’ farm school

Mata reported that Daniel Ortega’s regime also ordered the closure of the Esteli dioceses’ Technical Agriculture Institute. The school is a place that trains young people from the rural areas of the department.

“Yes, they closed our Technical Institute. We tried to be up to date with the payment of some of our obligations. However, we didn’t find any solution and they simply closed us down. This left dozens of young people without their studies,” Mata told “Portavoz Ciudadano.”

Governmental persecution against the Catholic Church intensified with the outbreak of the socio-political crisis in Nicaragua in 2018. Ortega and his wife/VP Rosario Murillo call the bishops “coup mongers” to justify the repression. Throughout the last two years numerous parishes and even the Metropolitan Cathedral in Managua suffered attacks and desecration. Meanwhile, numerous priests have been harassed, threatened and beaten by Sandinista Front fanatics.

Recently, the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (CENIDH) denounced on its social networks the desecration of the “Santo Domingo de Guzman” chapel of the “Cristo Rey” Parish, in Telpaneca, Madriz. The criminals opened the image of the Blessed Sacrament and threw the hosts on the ground. In addition they stole money and the choir’s musical instruments.

The human rights defenders insist on the importance of respect for freedom of religion and beliefs. They demand an “investigation of the facts,” in this latest attack. Otherwise, “it will be evident it is another attack conceived by the regime” of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

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