Colombia Extends Nationwide Quarantine until May 31

A TransMilenio station in Bogota, Colombia. Today an estimated 17% of the normal passengers were riding in the system. Photo: Cesar Melgarejo /

HAVANA TIMES – Colombia on Tuesday extended a nationwide quarantine from May 25 until the end of the month, President Ivan Duque announced, reported dpa news.

The government also prolonged a health emergency, which allows it to adopt quick measures related to the Covid-19 outbreak, from May 31 until the end of August.

People above the age of 70 must stay at home until June 30, Duque said on television.

Schools and universities may only operate online until the end of July. International and domestic flights, as well as inter-municipal public transport, remain suspended.

The country is meanwhile gradually reactivating the economy.

Colombia has recorded 16,935 infections and 613 deaths so far, the Health Ministry said on Tuesday. Officials say the curve is under control, but that a rapid increase in infections would place an excessive burden on the country’s health system.

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