Cuba Baseball Calendar: March 26–May 22

latinoHAVANA TIMES — The calendar for the second phase of the 2012-2013 Cuban baseball season was released yesterday on the eve of the March 24 All-Star Game.

The league had been suspended after the first half of the season since late February for Cuba’s participation in the World Baseball Classic where it finished in 5th place with a 4-2 record.

Play begins on Tuesday March 26. The eight surviving teams (the first phase was with 16) will play three home games and three on the road against each rival for a total of 42 games.

In the chart below the home games are listed under the abbreviated name of each team. For example: for the first series, Industriales hosts Matanzas, Villa Clara plays in Cienfuegos, Pinar del Río travels to Sancti Spiritus and Isla de la Juventud plays in Ciego de Avila.

PRI – Pinar del Rio
ISV – Isla de la Juventud
IND – Industriales
MTZ- Matanzas
CFG- Cienfuegos
SSP- Sancti Spíritus
VCL- Villa Clara
CAV- Ciego de Avila

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Calendar taken from Granma newspaperl
Calendar taken from Granma newspaperl


8 thoughts on “Cuba Baseball Calendar: March 26–May 22

  • Sorry to say that the playoffs will be long over by the date you arrive. The final seven game series will start next week.

  • I will be in Havana from 26 May for 7 days will there be any Games I can see while I’m there?

  • Matanzas plays at home on May 20-22 against PInar del Rio. That series ends the second round of the baseball season. The playoffs will most likely be starting the last week of May.

  • One more question. I think I have it figured out, I believe Matanzas plays Pinar Del rio on the 20 – 22 of march in Matanzas.
    But it that is correct, what time do the games start?

  • Wow is that a fun schedule to read. Looking for some help. Does Matanzas have a home game the week of May 20 – 24th against Pinar Del Rio?

  • There is no game on the 15th and Industriales hosts Ciego de Avila at the Latinoamericano Stadium in Havana on April 16th.

  • I am finding it difficult to understand the schedule. Are there any games in Havana Between on the 15th or 16th of April?

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