Cuba: Eliecer Avila announces new political organization

Eliecer Avila.

HAVANA TIMES – The young Cuban political activist Eliecer Avila said Tuesday in a video posted on YouTube from Poland, that the new organization Somos+ (We are+), aims to “unite wills” to “negotiate” with the Cuban government.

“We all win if we unite and we really negotiate, move that huge rock that is politics in Cuba,” said Avila. “I’m willing to spend my youth, this energy, these years with you (…) to face this struggle and succeed.”

“We want to do our bit to promote policies, laws, projects within Cuba that allow us to build” another reality, he announced.

According to Diario de Cuba, the activist did not say how many people currently make up Somos+,  organization that Avila says will reflect “the real thinking of many people in the street.”

Eliecer is known for having questioned former Cuban parliament chair Ricardo Alarcon a few years ago at a meeting at the UCI computer university about Cuba’s policy on exit visas and travel.

As of  January of this year the exit visa was dropped.



7 thoughts on “Cuba: Eliecer Avila announces new political organization

  • Mr. Patterson, yes, nuances, details, particularities, differences do exist and are relevant to any acceptable analysis. Comparing Cuba to North Korea is simplistic, biased, common place and terribly inaccurate from a factual point of view.

  • Moses seems far more concerned about this Young mans health than he is.Typical yankee reaction.

  • People like Eliecer Avila are the best hope that Cuba has for a
    democratic and dare I say it socialist future. Clearly at this point
    in time no Pyongyang Times on the Internet can report on a an
    equivalent to him.

    Clearly, I agree Cuba is not the Democratic People’s Monarchy of
    North Korea although it would not surprise me if some Cuban officials
    rather regret that idea than rejoice about it. The Democratic
    People’s Monarchy of North Korea has absolutely nothing to offer to
    Cuba. In spite of a Cuban official delgation visiting South Korea in

    Cuba’s government considers the Democratic People’s Monarchy of
    Korea an ally and has made no criticism of the dangerous nuclear
    games played by its ally.

  • i was not trying to “get you” i was trying to state a simple fact, the difference between me and you is that you worship the markets, and you want cubans to follow the same failing model as U.S. I on the other hand admit and see all the problems with the current cuban model and government and want a better cuba for cubans, without holding to the religious fervor of “free marketism” A system where the focus is on the humans and not the market works, ask Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Those are the countries of the future not U.S, U.S will either become a austerity infested country with low standards of living, or follow the path of New Deal and the Great Society program of the 1940’s and 1960’s

  • Hahaha! Okay, if the best you got is that Cuba is not as bad as North Korea, then you got me.

  • calm the freak down moses, Eliecer Avila is the way of the future for Cuba, props to him for not giving up in cuba and his bravery, For people like moses that compare cuba to north korea, consider the fact that something like this wont even be remotely tolerated in NK

  • Wow! I am impressed by this young man’s bravery. The Castros have imprisoned and even murderded people for suggesting this. To dare to even imagine an opinion other than that of a Castro is bad enough but Eliecer proposes to “negotiate” with the ‘powers that be’ for a different reality? Who would he talk to? What happens after they talk? I wish he and his organization all the best.

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