Cuba-France Foreign Ministers Meet

HAVANA TIMES — French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius met with his Cuban counterpart Bruno Rodriguez in the late afternoon Saturday in Paris, home of the French Foreign Ministry, AFP reported.

Although there was no press conference after the meeting, it was learned that the ministers discussed the upcoming negotiations between Cuba and the European Union, aimed at a “normalization” relations.

The meeting was the first opportunity for dialogue after the announcement of Cuba’s acceptance of the negotiations on March 6, and the first visit of a Cuban foreign minister to France since 2005.

Likewise, Cuban dissident Elizardo Sanchez, also in France this week, will be received by the Foreign Ministry on Monday, at which time he will reaffirm his claims regarding human rights for Cubans .

One thought on “Cuba-France Foreign Ministers Meet

  • In keeping with their track record of looking for a sponsor, it is worth considering that Cuba is prepared to cut a deal with the EU that extends some basic freedoms to Cuban while maintaining the basic power structure in place. Doing so would gain favor with left-leaning Europeans and aimed at putting pressure on the US to make concessions as well. It is face-saving for the Castros as these political reforms can be said to have been made to the pressure from the EU and not from the US. I believe the Castros realize their days are numbered, both biologically and politically and are anxious to look for an exit that allows them to keep their heads and bodies attached. It will interesting to see what new political concessions the EU will ask for in exchange for the repeal of the ‘Common Position’.

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