Cuba Lifts Ban on Appliance Imports


HAVANA TIMES — The Cuban government authorized on Monday the entry to the island of high consumption electrical equipment such as air conditioners, microwave ovens and cookers, after placing a ban on such appliances back in 2005.

A resolution of Cuban Customs said that the import can be performed by individuals for non-commercial use, provided their value and quantity corresponds to the limits established by law.

Resolution 143 signed by the head of the Customs, Pedro Perez, was published Monday in the Official Gazette. Among the items now permitted are electric irons, water heaters, fryers and toasters.

In 2005, Cuban authorities banned the import of such equipment considered high consumption, due to strong energy crisis lived on the island in 2004 and began the “Energy Revolution” program led by President Fidel Castro .

The actions taken by the program included the reparation of most power plants in the country and a nationwide consumption reduction plan in homes where lighting was replaced with energy saving bulbs and old refrigerators were replaced with modern ones.

For more detailed information see the website of Cuban Customs.