La Joven Cuba Is Already Back

The three Matanzas professors who put out La Joven Cuba.

HAVANA TIMES — Three days after announcing what appeared to be the surprise closing of the La Joven Cuba website, the three young professors from Matanzas University have suddenly returned. Now they inform that it was all a misunderstanding. The following is the full post published on their site.


On Thursday we left a message on the website programmed to automatically appear the following day, though we hadn’t the remotest idea that the news of our “taking a break” would cause such a stir.

From Friday until Monday we had connection problems at the university, so we were astonished to to find the large number of online messages referring to our announcement. Those who support us were worried and offered us their assistance. Those of us who resent us rejoiced over [the authorities] having “clipped our wings”.

With respect to the first group, we thank them for their concern – we expected no less. As for the second case, we can say that if La Joven Cuba ever bothered them before, then they’re going to have a lot more bitter shots to swallow now, because here we are and here we’ll be. We’re going to continue being the same.

It’s true that our message was ambiguous, though that wasn’t our intention. This gave rise to many assumptions (mostly unfounded), though these were to be expected. We all know that each blogger is a kind of firefighter, and their job is to put themselves into the flames. Anyone expecting something else from us doesn’t recall the essence of a true revolutionary, nor do they know us.

This is not the first time something like this has happened. On other occasions we have been offline for a couple of days, with similar circumstance having occurred. This happened after our meeting with [US researcher] Ted Henken and last year when we took a trip to Giron (the Bay of Pigs).

It was mentioned that an article [on our site] had “left the air.” However, the author himself removed it a few days ago because he was dissatisfied with the piece, yet he was proceeding to write a refinement of his own writing.

We aren’t supporters of the mea culpa of past decades; however, we do support people generating controversy and criticism with regard to the contents of La Joven Cuba, even if these are their own. However, we have now restored the article “Los incumplimientos a lo acordado en la Conferencia del PCC” to the site to clear up the doubts of conspiracy theorists.

The months of the summer break make it difficult to update the blog; this is why we want to take advantage of this time to make some changes. For the first time we have the help of some computer-savvy friends who are “tinkering” with our WordPress blog account to see what new can be added, since we’re always looking for improvements when it comes to getting out the message.

It wasn’t our intention to create such confusion, though the support of our many friends who contacted us meant a lot. We reiterate to them our apologies and our gratitude; they trust our judgment as we are far from any desire for useless prominence.

As we just mentioned, here we are and here we’ll be – weighing in against whoever weighs in. We will return in full swing in just a few weeks. Sports trainers would call this an “active rest.”

We will continue blogging, because not doing so would be a betrayal of ourselves. We will remain Guiteristas (followers of Antonio Guiteras) with the full charge of anti-imperialism and advanced socialist thought that this means – also with all of the misunderstandings that this entails.

In short, for the supporters and the detractors: here we are and here we’ll be.