President of Peru Criticizes Cuba’s Leaders

HAVANA TIMES, Dec. 28 — Peruvian President Alan García criticized the intention of his Cuban counterpart Raúl Castro of carrying out reforms in Cuba, more than five decades after the start of the Revolution, in statements to that South American country’s press. “Why didn’t they rectify 50 years ago?” asked García, a defender of free market policies and opening to foreign investment, reported IPS.

4 thoughts on “President of Peru Criticizes Cuba’s Leaders

  • ?quien le dijo al guajiro cubano que “el fin justifica los medios” salio de la boca de Lennin? Uf, hay que educarse mejor antes de decir disparates como ese.

  • Robert, the statistics of Peru are: a border 9% growth for 2010, with 2.6% inflation…with a 10 year average of 6% growth (due to the 2009 global crisis, when Peru only grew 1%…), and 2% inflation. International reserves amount to 35% of GDP and external debt is around 25%…government will likely run a surplus of about 1% (though a deficit was originally expected). Poverty has gone from 55% to 33% in five years, literally bringing 3 million people out of poverty. National savings rate are at around 26% of GDP and there have been reforms in everything from education (there is now the same literacy rate in Peru than in the US…) to infrastructure investment which is badly needed. Alan Garcia had a LOUSY first five years in the 80’s, and in fact, did learn his lesson…he is now finishing a stellar 5 years of government in one of the most un-governable places on earth. If anything, statistics are backing him up. In principle, its best not to comment about other countries, so I think Alan should abstain from these things…but dont be mistaken, Peru is nothing short of an economic miracle in the making.

  • Given the interesting statistics concerning his country today, the good senor is not really in a position to give advice to the president of any other country

  • No nos olvidemos que estos comunistas son capaces de cualquier maniobra para mantenerse en el poder. Despues de 52 años tratando de imponer un sistema politico/economico fracasado en el pais, ahora deciden “experimentar” con la libre empresa.
    Recordemos a Lenin: El fin justifica los medios. El fin de esta maniobra de los hermanitos Castro unica y exclusivamente es mantenerse en el poder.

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