Raul and Fidel Castro’s Older Sister Dies

HAVANA TIMES, Feb 29 — The older sister of Raul and Fidel Castro, Angela Castro, died Tuesday in Havana at the age 88, reported the foreign press.

“She died at dawn on Tuesday after having been ill for a long time in a clinic,” said her sister, Juanita Castro, a Miami resident since 1964. She added that two years ago her sister had lost her mental coherence as a result of Alzheimer’s.

“Angelita” Castro is survived by her six younger siblings and five children, including Jose Antonio Fraga Castro, the current president of LABIOFAM biological laboratories in Havana.

Although the Cuban press has not reported the death, it was learned that on Thursday a private funeral will be held in Biran, her hometown in the eastern Holguin Province, and that her remains will be cremated.