Striker Fariñas May Be Sent to Spain

HAVANA TIMES, March 29 — Cuban opposition activist Guillermo Fariñas may be taken to Spain in an airplane ambulance to be treated for an infection, informed his spokesperson Liset Zamora.  Fariñas, on a hunger strike since over a month puts as a condition his traveling to Spain being allowed by Cuban authorities to return to the island to continue his campaign for freedom for political prisoners, reported IPS.

Fariñas’ demand became world news in the days following the death of imprisoned hunger striker Orlando Zapata.

One thought on “Striker Fariñas May Be Sent to Spain

  • As a matter of fact, Fariñas has REFUSED Spain’s INVITATION to go to Spain. There’s never been any question of Cuba forcing Fariñas to leave the island. Fariñas is still trying to force the Cuban government to do what HE wants.

    HAVANA TIMES gives the impression Fariñas might be exiled against his will. As far as I know, Cuba has never stripped anyone of their citizenship nor deported anyone for any reason. Even foreigners who have been naturalized because of their revolutionary activity have never had their citizenship removed when they turned against the revolution, for example: Eloy Guitierrez Menoyo.

    REUTERS presented a more complete and accurate report:

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