UK Now Has Europe’s Second-Highest COVID-19 Death Toll

Neighbors in the UK on lockdown.

HAVANA TIMES – In Britain, the death toll from COVID-19 has passed 26,000, surpassing France and Spain and making the U.K. second only to Italy among European countries in the total number of coronavirus deaths.

In Switzerland, health officials say it’s now safe for children under the age of 10 to hug their grandparents, after concluding that young people do not transmit the virus. The recommendation contradicts medical advice of doctors in other countries, who say there’s no data to support the conclusion.

Russia reports it’s confirmed over 106,000 coronavirus cases, with over 1,000 deaths, making Russia the eighth most affected country in the world. This week, President Vladimir Putin admitted Russia has a severe shortage of personal protective equipment for medical workers, and warned the worst is yet to come.

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  • No country wishes to hold Covid-19 records. All those statistics are individual people, like ourselves!

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