USA Shuts Down its Nicaragua Embassy

The US Embassy in Managua, Nicaragua. Photo: 100% Noticias


HAVANA TIMES – As Nicaragua slips deeper into violent chaos with the Ortega-Murillo government clinging to power amid massive protests, the US Embassy in Managua just closed its doors today, June 1st, reported 100% Nocitias.

An embassy statement said that the continuous unrest in all Nicaragua, including interruptions in traffic, has impacted the operations of the US Embassy, which will remain closed as of June 1, 2018 until further notice.

Some limited consular services will still be attended to by phone, said the embassy.  “The scheduled appointments for visa applications will be reprogrammed as soon as possible.”

The US embassy reminded US citizens that several Nicaraguan laws forbid foreigners from participating in protests, demonstrations and marches.

The statement advises US government personnel in Nicaragua to remain in their homes and avoid unnecessary travel in the capital, avoiding the main downtown roundabouts and areas around the universities.