Germany Asked Not to Breathe Life into Nicaragua’s Ortega Gov.

The German Solidarity with Nicaragua Movement writes their government

Paul Oquist (far right), the private secretary for Public Policy of the Ortega presidency, took part in an event with German authorities. Photo:

“We strongly urge you to abstain from any action that would allow the Nicaraguan regime to continue oppressing the country’s people”

From Confidencial

Dear Minister of Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas,

Dear Minister of State Niels Annen

Certainly, it did not go unnoticed to you that the inhumane regime in Nicaragua has informed the Nicaraguan public, with pride and satisfaction, the kindness with which their delegation was recently received by the government of the Germany.

The Ortega government’s official news website’s, El19digital, reports about good relations with the German government, decorated with photographs showing the head of the Nicaraguan government’s delegation, Paul Oquist*, with a smiling Secretary of State of the Federal Ministry of Finance, Wolfgang Schmidt, and likewise, the smiling German ambassador to Nicaragua, Ute König.

These pictures were taken in the conference organized by the German Minister of Foreign Affairs himself, on May 28 and 29.

We are outraged that the Minister of Foreign Affairs does not take into account the way the international audience and above all sectors of the Nicaraguan population perceive these gestures.

They clearly contrast with the human rights violations committed by the current Nicaraguan government, unequivocally proven, and the degrading treatment inflicted by German immigration authorities towards people who have fled from Nicaragua due to political persecution.

Likewise, we are surprised to see that the German government has not shown signs of challenging its economic relations with the regime and joining the call for economic sanctions the European Parliament is demanding against the main representatives of the regime.

Once again, we strongly urge you to abstain from any action that allows the Nicaraguan regime to continue oppressing the Nicaraguan people. We hope you will pronounce yourselves clearly and publicly against the regime and leave no doubt that the German government does not tolerate crimes committed against human rights.


Bischöfliche Aktion Adveniat e.V.
Christliche Initiative Romero e.V.
Colectivo La Marimba
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Klaus Wilke, Hamburg

*Note about Paul Oquist: Described in the government’s official accounts as Private secretary minister of the presidential family for national policies, is a US citizen who is the regime’s propagandist and an unscrupulous figure within international spheres, who has no qualms about lying.