A Unique Day of Love and Friendship (Cartoons)

Por Xel2 (El Toque)

Cover design: Janet Aguilar.

HAVANA TIMES – Our team celebrated the day of love and friendship. It would be great to practice these feelings every day of the year. Even more so in a time when necessity, deficiencies and political polarization deepen differences and incite us to reject what is diverse from positions of power.

Let’s take this day to celebrate all kinds of love and life itself, value caring for our health and caring for our own in these times of pandemic.

The best to you from our team.

Trust me. I’m an expert on women. Happy Valentine’s Day
In my days, my dear Yusimi, everything was analogue. Even making love… and now I don’t know, there are so many prohibitions,..

Congratulations brother! We are living it up even if things are BAD.
Don’t you dare!
The line to buy chicken?! Was this the surrealist and magical place we were going to spend Valentine’s Day?

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