Cuba’s Etecsa Telecomunications Co. Should be Helping


Editorial from Progreso Semanal

HAVANA TIMES – From the most decent and educated ways possible to aggressive and extremely crude forms, be it on the street or in social networks there is a constant demand for Cuba’s monopoly telecomunication company Etecsa to do as in other nations and lower its exorbitant connection rates to Internet.

Some have stated that the Company executives should also appear on the televised Round Table “to show their face” amid this global crisis.

Honestly, the rates are excessively expensive for these times when families need to be aware of each other. And not only for family exchange, but also to enjoy Cuban musicians and popular singers who are presenting themselves to us so that we can have a pleasant time in the days of COVID-19.

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One thought on “Cuba’s Etecsa Telecomunications Co. Should be Helping

  • Maybe the living principal of *RAFIN SA which owns 27% of ETECSA will explain publicly why he and his family are not prepared to lower their benefits from ETECSA for the good of the citizenry (”mass” as defined by Dr. Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara).
    *RAFIN SA is named after the original partners who paid Italy $706 million for the 27% shareholding that Italy held, RA = Raul FI = Fidel.

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