By Martin Guervara

HAVANA TIMES – It’s funny how every last bit of intelligent life is dissipating in the Trumpist ranks, once the reserves of decency are exhausted.

That a president of the United States spends days saying that it’s possible to commit fraud in all polling stations with the greatest ease, leaves that electoral process at the level of the Venezuelans. In no other country is it possible to introduce non-existent votes in each voting station or disappear those cast.

I have participated in several electoral days, sometimes as a proxy for a party, others as a table witness. I am talking about a nation that arrived to democracy much more than a century after the US.

There were personnel from each political party in each electoral college, observers, and police. The votes by mail are guarded by the police. They are opened at the end and counted by those in charge of the table. This takes place with the representatives of each party present. At the end of the count each proxy, witnesses, the president of the table sign and take a copy, and different official copies are signed and stamped.

Even so, it never stretches beyond midnight.

It is crazy that, in the age of the Internet and social networks, in the country that is supposed to be more developed, the vote count lasts several days. In addition, on top of that, there is the possibility of an accusation of fraud.

So what happens?

Are the votes counted by a chimpanzee with an abacus, a blunt pencil, and wet paper? No observers? Is it really murkier than in Venezuela?

All these questions are being opened by the clearly deposed president, with his latest outbursts of selfishness, of absolute pettiness, which lead him to not think about the Republican Party, families, the economy, health, or in the prestige of the United States.

One detail may be revealing. Biden was congratulated by the United Kingdom and France, founders of capitalism and the bourgeoisie respectively and current exponents of these.

Moreover, the UK is governed by the ideological line installed by the same guru Steve Bannon. Trump’s strongest allies not recognizing his defeat are China, Russia and AMLO’s Mexico, three universal exponents of the most marked anti-US rhetoric. Paradox or consequence?

Today a gap is opening between Republicans, in which they remind the egomaniac tycoon of his second proselytizing phrase: “Keep the USA Great”… please!

Not in vain the most remembered phrase every election night is that legendary one of Democratic strategist Dick Tuck: “The people have spoken… the bastards.”

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7 thoughts on “Keep the USA Great… Please!

  • As a response to each of the comments…Trump is an idiot! The American system of democracy was based upon the assumption that honor and dignity would prevail or at least be present in sufficient quantity to compensate for its inherent weaknesses. Trump has neither honor nor dignity, therefore he and his sycophants are taking full advantage. He is no better than the Castros in this regard and indeed worse in the aspect that we should have known better.

  • The level of any debate can only ever be raised by the introduction of a Rabbie Burns quote…..

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