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HAVANA TIMES — All residents of the city are flocking towards the main square of Cienfuegos, Cuba. Everyone wants to give their last respects to the leader.  They wait patiently for the convoy pass. They stand shoulder to shoulder together as one body, refusing to believe that this moment has come.


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11 thoughts on “Waiting for Fidel in Cienfuegos, Cuba

  • I suppose they had to wait because the MININT goons pushing the broken down jeep were getting tired. But waiting is a national habit in Cuba. Folks have to wait for up to an hour to get a 5 peso loaf of bread. But that is a relatively short wait compared with waiting for a licence – whatever it is for. That can take a couple of hours. Going to the bank similarly inevitably involves a wait, but that has to be done outside in the heat, because ‘security’ will only let people in one at a time – but inside there is air conditioning whilst the customers swelter in the sun.
    The so-called ‘security’ is everywhere. To enter a shop one has to leave any bags or other possessions with ‘security’ at the door and having made your purchases keep the receipt because ‘security’ will inspect your purchases and check them against the receipt before permitting you to leave. All this ‘security’ provides a lot of people with non-productive employment. But then in Cuba there is little production of anything.
    When taking a taxi to the airport at 5.30 a.m. we have been stopped three times by the police prior to getting out of town and another time on the autopista at one of the checkpoints (none as far as I can ascertain are named ‘Charlie’. This too provides non-productive employment.
    Who is responsible for creating such lunatic behaviour and systems. – none other than Fidel Castro Ruz and his little brother Raul.
    There are people who will praise the Castros for their much publicized so-called achievements, but the reality within Cuba is much different. Fidel Castro lived a very comfortable life in contrast to those he repressed within his own country. To call such a man a hero demonstrates a marked degree of ignorance of the facts related to him.

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