Currency Unification in Today’s Cuba

The Cuban people’s longing for a single currency became surprisingly apparent during the debates being held about constitutional reform, when opinions were made public, calling for an article that endorses the Cuban Peso as the country’s single currency. Joaquin Pujol talks about what he classifies as “the most commented and long-awaited economic decision in Cuban history.”

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A YouTuber who Raised his Voice against the Ortega-Murillo Regime

Juan Sebastian Gomez began making videos for fun. He wanted to make people laugh, and in 2012, with that in mind, he encouraged his friends from the university to open a YouTube channel with him. But it wasn’t until a year ago that he decided to open a channel just for himself. He continued making comic videos and rarely spoke about politics. Up until now.

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Students Face the Repression: but What’s the Strategy?

In the last two decades, civic protests have exploded in Latin America and Europe – in Chile, Guatemala, Venezuela and Spain, among other places, borne out of an “indignation” about the closing off of political spaces, corruption and the power of the political elite. In all cases, the common denominator has been the central role of the university students.

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