Havana vs. La Habana

As I was scrolling through Facebook the other day, I came across the above image, and it instantly struck a chord within me. Created and shared by the Cuban American National Foundation, the picture depicts one of Havana’s five-star hotels with a view of the capitol, which stands in stark contrast to the impoverished surroundings endured by the average Havana resident just a few blocks away.

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Cancer on the Prowl in Mayari, Holguin, Cuba

There is a very high recurrence of cancer in Mayari, which doesn’t seem normal at all. And, there aren’t any leads for people to investigate. On the Internet, I only found out that it figures among the 72 municipalities classified with a Risk I level, of higher incidences, and that Holguin province is above the national average (and surely the global average) and is on the rise.

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