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HAVANA TIMES — In this interview editor Circles Robinson answers a wide range of questions about the web publication, its history, policies & direction.  Havana Times began in October 2008 and is now in its 12th year.

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44 thoughts on “About us

  • Cuba has a unique position, as a nation that has survived in insolation and with limitations. During this global pandemic period, it is so important for us to have a deeper view into the lives of Cuban to derived invaluable lessons about their outlook or world view, about living with challenges.

    Havana independent reporting from the grass roots provide excellent insights for me to draw invaluable lessons. As a farmer, Cuba is an amazing country that offers me invaluable lessons to serve as guiding principles, through the views found in the Cuban diaries. Kudos!!!! Havana Times for bringing to the global community this unique and precious insight.

  • nice to hear something positive about Cuba for a change

  • Hi,

    I have chosen Cuba as my country in my college course, International Business. I was wondering if the positive mannerism of the citizens are from what they are, without the need of material items such as my country, USA, thrive on? Do they really find happiness in what they have, making what they need, and the purity is that of a true soul? From what I have read, I would say yes, my teacher was curious.

    Please keep posting, your stories help build my character in my homework. I think Cuba is not seen for what it really is, and I believe the PR should bring the soul of your country to life.

    Thank you so much,

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