Solitude in Times of Quarantine

Something that I really appreciate right now in these strange times is the view from my window. My home is directly opposite the peak of Pichincha volcano.

Twelve days that shook Quito

The violence that took center stage in Ecuadoreans lives since the beginning of the month up until Sunday October 13th, when president Lenin Moreno revoked Decree-Law 883 (which did away with diesel and regular fuel subsidies), after twelve days of protests in Quito and Guayaquil.

I Do Talk about Politics

The great Pessoa wrote this quote at the beginning of the 1920s, right when decent people all over the planet had nothing but praise for the newly-born Russian Revolution (1921). Reflecting upon past revolutions, the great Portuguese writer intuitively knew how futile they were…

Giving Time to Time

While building personal integrity always used to entail patience, this quality has now become obsolete. Westerners who promote quality of life, prioritize qualities such as attitude, proactivity and resilience above standing still and being patient.