Stay at Home?

We see it on the TV, we hear it on the radio, but can we really stay at home? The situation in Cuba has become even more depressing.

Beauty vs. Other Attributes

In the movie “Misbehaviour”, the protagonist, a young married woman, with a son and job, joins a feminist movement…

Varadero and Cayo Santa Maria

Just over eight years ago, I had the chance to go and visit Cayo Santa Maria, thanks to some friends of friends who live in another country.

Nostalgia for Russian Cartoons

Despite being over 30 , I always loved cartoons. Many complained about the “Russian cartoons”, but to tell you the truth, I really liked them.

Where’s the Medicine in Cuba?

Medicine is one thing that can’t be found anywhere, for a while now. Going to a drugstore and getting medicine is a titanic task.

A Sad Christmas and New Year

These Christmas holidays will be very sad for my family. At the beginning of the year, my maternal grandfather passed away at 90.