medicines-1Photo Feature by Elio Delgado Valdes

HAVANA TIMES — The recently concluded annual Havana International Fair (FIHAV) provided Cuban pharmaceutical companies the opportunity to exhibit their leading products to foreign buyers.

Among the firms participating were Labiofam and Farmacuba whose production of medicines and vaccines, both for human and veterinary use, are exported to numerous counties after satisfying the needs of the Cuban Public Health system.

medicines-2These pictures capture the products displayed at FIHAV earlier this month.

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8 thoughts on “Cuba Shows Off its Latest Medicines

  • Homeopathy is base on the notion, that through the extreme dilution of various chemicals, a valuable medicine is obtained. This is fraudulent junk science. Homeopathic remedies are useless placebos.

    In a very similar delusion, Cuban socialism is based on the notion that through the extreme dilution of all human rights and freedoms, a just society will result. This too is fraudulent junk political science, and the consequences are worse than any placebo.

  • For once, I agree with you completely.

  • They have produced decent products in the past, but they have been going in downwards spiral since some of the top personalities in the industry began buying the snake oil of alternative medicine and forgetting what means to be a scientist.

    Not that I have a hidden agenda against exploring alternatives, but as Tim Mitchin said, “alternative medicine is medicine that has not been proved to work or has been proved not to work. Do you know how they call alternative medicine that works? Medicine”

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