Ray Bradbury: a Merciless Critic

The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury (1920-2012) is an enlightening read. Irina Pino writes about the work of the author on his centennial.

When a Pet Dies

I’m sad. My cat passed away this morning. He was called Ringo, like the drummer from The Beatles.

Soap: King or Slave in Cuba

Now, our soap shortage of the ’90s has been replaced by a lack of detergent and toothpaste in this pandemic. Here’s what I’m doing to brush.

I Miss My Parents

Now that my parents have passed away, I ask myself every day if I should have done more for them, in their last moments on Earth…

Mike Porcel: Digging Up the Past

When you listen to Mike Porcel’s music, there is a transfer of emotion from the singer-songwriter and the listener. You always feel the poetic charge.