Are there still “readers” at Cuba’s cigar factories?

Question: Could you please tell me if there are any people (lectores) that still read at the cigar factories? I heard that there is a reader at Partagas factory in Havana, but I can’t confirm this.

I am interested in visiting cigar factories all over the country, including Baracoa, and am especially interested in any that may possibly still have lectors. Would there be an organization or contact person in Havana for me to contact in order to ask further questions about this subject?

Note: The readers are a traditional feature of Cuban cigar factories where the reader, often someone with radio experience, reads the news, stories or soap operas while the workers are busy rolling cigars.

Answer: Havana Times spoke with Jorge Rodríguez, manager of the Romeo and Julieta cigar factory.  He said that all of the tobacco factories still have readers. He further said that there is no organization that groups them.

The phone number of this manager is 879-6231.