Recent Entries

The Dwarf

I woke up ready to take on the day. I could hear the sound of water falling from my elevated tank outside. “How strange,” I thought…

Like a Silent Plague

Not that power outages had died out, like the huge reptiles of the past. Power cuts were always sticking their heads out of our windows…

Word Has It Change Is Coming

I’ve been observing this phenomenon, a kind of false prophecy that has been doing the rounds since 1959, when this nightmare began.

Cuba’s Sugar King

He bought lots of mills belonging to US owners because he felt that Cubans should be in control of the country.

Fish If You Can

Last week, I told you that I was getting paid to stand watch over people’s places in line at the gas station in their cars.

Living to a Hundred in Cuba

I’ve been having this constant feeling that I’m going to die just after turning 100 years old for a while now…

Oscar Continues to Wait

The dawn is warm in Havana and although it is still April, the proximity of the majestic summer is felt. Oscar is awake…

Buzzkill is My Name

A cheap party to let people thirsty for entertainment let loose with their trashy behavior. Bread and circus, like in ancient Rome.