Recent Entries

The Northern Mockingbird

I’ve been trying to record the song of the Northern Mockingbird, who has chosen the highest branches of my avocado tree as its stage.

COVID, Solitude, Death

When you least imagine it, when people were trying to be as careful as they could, the Coronavirus finally reached our area.

Escaping from Cuba However You Can

Mandy was (is) a man with light eyes and attractive features. He was about 20 years old back then, and he had a life mission: Leave Cuba.

Notes on How to Survive in Cuba

Talking about modern day self-employment jobs, line standers and resellers have emerged, very much in line with the current situation.

My Experience with COVID-19

Feeling out the abyss between official statistics of deaths and infections and the reality of the spreading virus, has been a great feat.

My Family and I Were Lucky

We’ve been looking after ourselves a lot, our hygiene measures were extreme, but the virus got in somehow and we’re all sick.