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My Encounter with a Gypsy

I’ve never believed in palmistry or reading cards, or snails or any kind of fortune-telling, not even in mediums or babalawos.

Mending or Making Bras in Cuba 

You can find a bra at any market in any other country in the world. Yet this necessary women’s garment is out of many Cubans’ reach…

Getting Out of Bed on the Wrong Side

Trying to get anything done in Cuba right now is torture. I’d been waiting months to try to see a dentist, but there are never any resources.

Alberto’s Generation

Fidel was viewed as a kind of Messiah, the very embodiment of the Homeland. An infallible, divine presence who couldn’t be questioned…

“Amor Brujo” Video Musical

The show is 50 minutes long, but time flies by for viewers in their seats. tTe intensity of a well-known work that still left me speechless.

What Some Go Through

We sat around her table one night, as she regaled both myself and if I recall correctly – her daughter, with an unimaginably horrific tale.