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Pets and Leaving Cuba

At present, there are animal protection societies in Cuba that adopt abandoned pets. You can find them on Facebook.

First Day of 2023

We shouldn’t feel sorry for ourselves, we’re still here, Magaly told me – a friend from my teenage years who used to live in my neighborhood

How I Spent My Christmas

Midnight came along with the alcohol we drank and Chacho’s stories, we wished each other well for baby Jesus’ birth and went to sleep…

My Super-Ego and its Concerns 

I can’t make excuses or victimize myself, victims never win.  I’m a man, only worth the few grains of rice I’m able to contribute to the world.

December is Proving a Hot Month

This isn’t happening only in Pinar del Rio. News of such attacks, murders & robberies arrive from all over the island via alternative media.