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A Necessary Job

When my dog starts barking, I know I need to stop whatever I’m doing. He’s like a kind of alarm, he warns me of the beginning of a routine…

Felipe’s Lungs

My friend told me that her boy had caught COVID-19 and had to be admitted into a school that had been turned into a hospital.

Yunior Garcia after 15N in Cuba

This isn’t the time for sentences, especially when many of those judging him weren’t there, on the frontlines to defend him.

Facebook Shopping for Cubans

The time came when most of these stores were left empty, only those big stores taking precedence, which then began selling in US dollars.

How November 15th Played Out

It was a weekend marked by arrests, house blockades, hate rallies and great deployment of the police on Cuba’s streets.

Me, the Teacher

When the pandemic came, every parent was forced to take on the role of teacher. It’s been a great feat for many and they’ve found it hard…

Cuba on the Move

The government continues to cling to its old line of incriminating the US, discounting citizens’ initiative, & minimizing our intelligence.