Recent Entries

Surviving Cuba’s Blackouts

I can’t switch on the small electric stove, so I open the fridge, take out a bit of powdered milk and stir it with some water from the tap.

Vangelis Forms Part of My Life

It’s a mystery how certain people can influence lives. They weave themselves into peoples’ stories, leaving a never-ending legacy.

Cuba, My Ra-Tim-Bum Castle

I used to lose myself in the magical world of cartoons, every time my old black & white Russian TV let me (it was broken a lot of the time).

Squash for Chicken

I first want to say that I’ve been a vegetarian for half a century. It was a personal decision, no preaching that others should do the same.

Cuba’s New Penal Code

These lawmakers (if we can call them this) only play the sad role of raising their hand & approving anything adopted by Cuba’s ruling elite.

Staying in Cuba

Cuba is becoming more like a big airport. Maybe that’s not a bad thing. Maybe it’s a special land to teach us that everything is fleeting.

Is Happiness Possible in Cuba?

Yep, it’s indeed difficult, but it’s not impossible. At the end of the day, happiness is just a journey, we never really reach it.

The Real Parade

I woke up on May 1st just like on any other day. Then, I remembered that it was the day of the traditional May 1st parade..