“Fidel Castro’s Ideas Are Out of This World”

By Café Fuerte

Commander Guillermo Garcia Frias with General Raul Castro
Commander Guillermo Garcia Frias with General/President Raul Castro.  Photo: cubadebate.cu

HAVANA TIMES — On Monday, as part of the series of interviews with historical figures of Castro’s revolution that Cuba’s Round Table program has been holding, Commander Guillermo Garcia Frias, the first farmer to join the detachment of combatants that would later become the Rebel Army, spoke of his experiences on Cuban television.

The interview, showing unbridled servility to the official discourse, was conducted by journalist Arleen Rodriguez Derivet.

Rodriguez Derivet engages in political kitsch like few other representatives of Cuba’s official journalism. Suddenly, she is moved by a photo she claims she has never before seen: an image of Raul Castro, climbing down from a tree, while Vilma Espin tenderly holds him up.

The Greatest Thing in Life

According to Garcia, the greatest thing in his life has been to have known Fidel Castro.

Predictably, the “historical reconstruction” sought by the interview became a sugary tribute to Fidel Castro.

“I gave him [Fidel Castro], and Raul, my full commitment, to the end of my life,” 87-year-old Garcia said.

The praise continued: Garcia claimed that Fidel Castro would give his own food to the prisoners of Cuba’s republican army, slowly demoralizing Batista’s forces.

Garcia added that Raul is the most profound thinker among those who follow Fidel Castro’s ideas. “We have to say it, he [Raul Castro] hasn’t enjoyed any of life’s pleasures, everything has been sacrifice.”

Against the Traitors

Garcia also spoke against traitors and the ambitions that lead to treason. “We’ve had traitors throughout the revolution,” the octogenarian insisted, as though he weren’t a consummate traitor of the ideals that gave birth to the revolutionary process he joined in his youth.

“Fidel’s ideas are extraordinary. Fidel’s ideas are out of this world,” he stated.

Near the end of the program, he said he had confidence in “the young, who must carry the emblems of the homeland and the ideas of Fidel and Raul.” “The revolution is eternal,” he sentenced.

This is the ejaculatory rhetoric of a generation that refuses to leave power and seeks to extend a legacy through words, while society heads in a totally different direction, tired of hearing of that generation’s adventures, which are obstacles to the country’s future.

26 thoughts on ““Fidel Castro’s Ideas Are Out of This World”

  • January 11, 2016 at 11:31 am

    Very nicely said.
    On Russia though, IMO, Lenin and Stalin were and are the past and of the Soviet Union and the old economy and social programs . Putin is representative of the dictatorial natures of the two from the past but quite differently, he and all the Russians are dealing with a new form of economy and society and world and so the Russians are learning a new game .
    I don’t think the Cuban revolution and all its lessons have lost THEIR relevance especially given that the existential threat from the American Empire is very much alive in the embargo .
    Having recently reread some 80s speeches of Fidel I could see that his words remain entirely relevant and accurate as regards the also unchanging imperial foreign policy ends of the USG.

  • January 11, 2016 at 11:21 am

    I respond to your post just to point out how you twist words.
    When I was speaking of the nuclear family structure it was how it CAN be totalitarian in societies where the man is ALWAYS the head of the house , always the authority who can not be questioned.
    It had entirely to do with what is and what is not a democratic institution.
    I said nothing about disliking families with fathers.
    Your ability to comprehend precise English is compromised by your emotional and anti-intellectual avoidance or deliberate misapprehension of facts that point you out as what you are .

  • January 11, 2016 at 10:01 am

    Time will test the roots. Cultures have a way of sustaining themselves, but memories are short in humans. In Russia it is Putin’s story and not Stalin or Lenin that has the 80% approval rating. Chavez’s posters are in danger as Maduro struggles to leverage the Chavez charisma. We will not know of Castro’s lasting guidance until years after they leave the stage. But forgotten, never.

  • January 10, 2016 at 11:38 pm

    Hahaha! Obviously you don’t know any young Cubans. They are more likely to quote Pit bull than Fidel.

  • January 10, 2016 at 11:34 pm

    In that same corner bar, there’s always the ever-present drunk at the end of the bar that smells of sweat, beer and urine and nobody pays attention to him except to hear him repeat the same old story about hating families with fathers.

  • January 10, 2016 at 9:14 pm

    This following story relates very well to the title of the article.
    A great number of years ago, producer Jeff Greenfield ( Frontline or some such hour-long topical news show ) was asked why he never had Noam Chomsky on since he was/is the leading intellectual anti-imperialist in the world .
    Greenfield replied : ” Because he’s from PLUTO”
    They went to Chomsky and when told what Greenfield said , Chomsky replied ” He’s correct” and went on to explain ( paraphrased) Were I to tell you that (at that time in the 80s) Moammar Khaddafi was a danger to peace , a murderer and a war criminal who should be brought to justice , you would know exactly and immediately what I meant and accept it because that is what the corporate media/government has been saying EXCLUSIVELY for years.
    If OTOH, I were to tell you that (then) Secretary of State George Schultz was a danger to peace, a murderer and a war criminal who should be brought to justice, you’d think I was from Pluto because you’d NEVER have ever gotten that kind of info from the corporate media or the government and it would sound unbelievable “.
    He continued: “It would take me some twenty minutes just to begin listing the crimes of which Schultz was guilty and those shows are not formatted for long answers. ”
    This was true then and it’s true now just about different matters.
    Socialism /communism: a democratic economy would seem to be from Pluto to those who love totalitarian capitalism in their lives and who wish to impose it on the world.

  • January 10, 2016 at 9:01 pm

    Fidel’s stories of long ago are what sustains the Cuban revolution .
    What he taught the people of Cuba in his years of four-hour speeches has been retained deep within the Cuban people.
    What he said in those speeches was the truth and those truths remain valid and historically correct to this day.
    I agree that a new generation will take over and will deal with the problems of the time but I believe it will be with the spirit of Fidel that they go forward.
    I’d like to think so.

  • January 10, 2016 at 8:55 pm

    You should read the several books of Fidel’s speeches that are available .
    His ideas were not new but certainly valid.
    But I understand that is something you cannot and would not do.

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