Castro Says Colombia Won’t Attack Ven.

HAVANA TIMES, August 9 — In an interview given to journalists from the Telesur multinational channel, former Cuban President Fidel Castro ruled out that the Colombian armed forces would begin a military conflict on the border with Venezuela.  During the conversation the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution reiterated his concern about a possible nuclear war between Iran, Israel and the United States, a subject to which he has dedicated his latest Reflections published by the Cuban press, reported IPS.

2 thoughts on “Castro Says Colombia Won’t Attack Ven.

  • I puzzles me that Fidel might be ruling out a military attack on Venezuela by Colombia. The build-up of forces in Colombia by the U.S., it seems, as well as other factors, would indicate otherwise.

  • Israel won’t put up with the middle east’s baloney- The USA puts up with way too much- Let’s see, ,colombia and iran vs the USA and Israel- that’s laughable- They’d lose- that’s all people like castro, chavez and amoodinnerbell can think of is nuclear war- very stupid!

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