Catholic Church Backs Castro’s Reforms

HAVANA TIMES, Jan. 3 – Cardinal Jaime Ortega included “a prayer for the good running of this renovating process for the good of all our people,” in his homily for the start of 2011 and the celebration of World Peace Day, when referring to the economic reforms announced by the government of Raúl Castro. The cardinal urged the Christian community to get involved in the process through “our critical ability to express clearly our differences or point out everything we think should be changed,” reported IPS.

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One thought on “Catholic Church Backs Castro’s Reforms

  • I’ll say it again: there is something seriously, seriously wrong when the political-economic program of an ostensibly socialist government (and under the watchful eye of a communist party, no less) is fully backed by the Catholic Church, with its history of feudalism, totalitarianism, fascism and general bourgeois, ruling-class collaboration. And no — they haven’t changed, one little bit. They are incorrigible: they have God backing them up, after all…

    As someone once said in another time, and in another place: beware of greeks bearing gifts. Or maybe romans in this case.

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