Cuba’s Party Reinstates Whistleblower

By Circles Robinson

Esteban Morales. Photo: Patricia Grogg/IPS

HAVANA TIMES, July 8 — Esteban Morales, an often quoted Cuban historian who dared to sound an alarm about high-echelon corruption in Cuba has now won his reinstatement to the Communist Party.  He had been expelled over a year ago for sending up smoke signals.

Morales informed Thusday on his personal blog of the decision by the Communist Party’s Appeals Commission.

His expulsion had been highly questioned inside and outside Cuba by many supporters of the Cuban revolution.

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Morales is an expert on issues that include US-Cuba relations and racism.

Since his initial expulsion from the Party numerous high and mid-level officials as well as several foreign investors have been convicted on corruption charges and sentenced to prison terms.

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