Capitolio and a slice of  Havana. Foto: Juan Suarez
Capitolio and a slice of Havana. Foto: Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES (dpa) — Cuba reiterated its accusations that the United States has intensified the economic embargo against the island under President Barack Obama, despite the relaxations in some restrictions he approved since coming to power.

“Despite Obama’s promise of a new beginning with Cuba, nothing has changed and intensified in the persecution of all who make financial transactions” with the island, said Deputy Foreign Minister Abelardo Moreno when introducing in Havana the Cuban government’s annual report on the embargo.

The UN General Assembly will vote on October 29 the new resolution presented by Cuba against the embargo, notes dpa news.

Moreno presented the report at the William Soler Children’s heart care facility in Havana, to exemplify the difficulties derived from the US embargo imposed on Cuba for over half a century.

The US government imposes Havana a tough economic and trade embargo since February 1962, when President John F. Kennedy expanded the first sanctions imposed after the triumph of Fidel Castro’s revolution.

The sanctions were strengthened in subsequent years, for example strict travel restrictions adopted by the George W. Bush in 2004.

Havana reiterated its accusations that the Obama administration has tightened the embargo, although he did ease travel restrictions for Cuban-Americans shortly after taking office.

The embargo is widely rejected by the international community. The UN has condemned it 21 times. In the last General Assembly vote a year ago, only the United States, Israel and Palau supported the embargo, with 188 countries voting against it.

9 thoughts on “Cuba Accuses Obama of Tightening the Embargo

  • Good point. I should have been more specific. The imposition of the US embargo against the Castro dictatorship began AFTER Castro illegally expropriated legally-owned US property. Is that better?

  • Mr. Jones, please read what I wrote more carefully. “…legally purchased and owned.” does not imply that the purchase transactions were fair or executed between equal parties. Case in point: Guantanamo. It is a moral stretch to justify the continued unwelcome presence of this American base on enemy soil. Especially when the truth is that it is because we are stronger, so what can Cuba do? But wrongs perpetrated by imperious Americans on a near-colonial Cuba still do not justify the ‘illegal’ taking of property by the Castros. There was other legal recourse he could have taken. That a tin-pot dictator like Fidel would dare challenge the ‘almighty’ US in the height of the Cold War was a mistake that Cuba has been paying for for 54 years. Being anti-Castro by no means implies that I believe my own country is without flaw. Hardly! But this site is called “Havana Times”. As the world’s economic, scientific, technological and military leader, criticisms against our system and way of life must be balanced against the tremendous amount of good we generate in the world. It is simply not just to say that because there are also problems in the US, I am being untruthful when I highlight the problems in Cuba. To be fair, we would also have to compare the good that Cuba has done for the world with what the US has done. On this issue, Castro sympathizers cry foul. In that case, leave US criticisms out of the discussion as well. Fair is fair.

  • The only reason for writing articles and postings comments on this site, should be a collective effort to share information, search for the truth and not otherwise.

    Mr Bob Michaels tendentious facts suggests that the US embargo on Cuba went back to 1958, when Fidel Castro was fighting the Batista regime. Facts: Please review newspapers of September-December 1958 where you can find images of Batista’s government Air Force planes refueling and replenishing ammo and bombs at the Mc Calla airport on Guantanamo Bay, after which, they strafed, bombed and killed hundreds of peasants in the Sierra Maestra.

    Mr. Moses Patterson statement is knowingly wrong, since he is acutely aware of how the United States farm corporations such as the United Fruit Co.., Manati Sugar Co. Guantanamo Sugar Co. and others purchased millions of acres of Cuba’s most fertile lands for pennies on the dollar. All important industries, mining, transportation, banking, communications, import/export, retail business and much, much more, were swallowed up by the United States nascent transnationals, while the country was under occupation by the United States government (1898-1902) with the Platt Amendment hanging over the nation, which disgracefully declared, “if these measures and the “leasing” of cooling stations which turned into Naval Bases were not approved, the occupation of Cuba would not end”.

    Confiscation of these semi stolen properties by the United States corporations did not began with Fidel Castro. Cubans always demanded justice, but could not be applied because of the puppet governments that were imposed on the country, as it was demonstrated when Antonio Guiteras Holmes intervened the so called Cuban Telephone Co., 40 years before Fidel Castro came took over the Cuban government and Jesus Menendez demanded an honest pay for sugar workers, both were murdered under direct orders from Washington.

    I encourage our posters to continue to share their views with our readers, but please, be truthful, even when it hurts are we are embarrassed.

  • Un saludo de hermandad a todos los hermanos y hermanas de Cuba, en Italia estamos todos contigo. A T. ‘. A.’. F. ‘. Joseph.

    Giuseppe Del Gobbo

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