Cuba Imposes New Restrictions on Cooperatives

By Fernando Ravsberg

Work of a construction cooperative. Photo: Raquel Perez Diaz

HAVANA TIMES – The Ministry of Construction has issued an order prohibiting cooperatives in its field from carrying out work outside the province in which they were established. Works that are underway in other provinces must now conclude within a period of no more than three months.

In addition, they are forbidden in the future to hire labor, self-employed workers, and only members of the cooperatives can work on projects. However at the same time they are prevented from increasing the number of members they currently have.

A board member of one of these cooperatives, confirmed the veracity of Ministerial Resolution OM-3890-17, issued on August 14, and said that their co-op’s permit was not renewed. Thus, although they are still allowed to continue exercising with the expired license, they could lose their legal status.

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8 thoughts on “Cuba Imposes New Restrictions on Cooperatives

  • It is not possible alsotps to know whether English is your language. But if it is – or indeed if it is Spanish, you should know that ’embargo’ -which is that being applied by the US upon Cuba, is very different from ‘blockade’. The US blockade imposed upon Cuba at the time when Fidel Castro urged Nikita Khruschev to make an initial nuclear strike upon the US, was removed later that year. So do please get your facts right.
    Perhaps you could also explain how it is that the embargo increases “costs”. I should add that the 200% plus mark ups made by GAESA upon goods imported under their monopoly certainly increase costs for Cubans.

  • In part, the blockade that affects currency use and increases costs.

  • “… And Eden, who is it that ensures that Cubans do not have the opportunity to receive traing and experience of the type necessary?…”

    That’s immaterial to my reply. I simply corrected your misconception as to why the foreign workers were hired.

    The “Ministry of Construction” does NOT prefer to employ Indian contracted workers, they’d LOVE to have their own workers in place, making them more money.

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