Cuba Owes US Six Billion but…

HAVANA TIMES, April 30 – Cuba owes the United States six billion dollars for the expropriation of U.S. persons and companies carried out by Fidel Castro’s government after 1959, according to data from the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission.  The island’s government, for its part, has documented that the US embargo has caused Cuba losses worth more than 96 billion dollars, reported IPS.

One thought on “Cuba Owes US Six Billion but…

  • The cuban government and people owe nothing to World imperialism. The whole point of making these claims is the intent to collect on them — after having seized control of the country by ‘fair’ means or foul. Rotsa ruck there, goombahs.

    In fact, the imperialist oligarchs of the World owe every cent of their misbegotten trillions — stolen from all of us over the decades — to the extend of even slavery, bloodshed and genocide. They couldn’t even possibly repay what they actually owe us all. So total expropriation of everything *they* “own” is the order of the day — not the supposed debt owed by a former colonial country to its gangster “creditors”.

    Get off the Planet at the next stop, imperialists.

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