Cuba Police Block “Ladies” March

HAVANA TIMES, April 12 — The Police in the Cuban capital blocked the weekly march of the Damas de Blanco (Ladies in White) on Sunday reported IPS news service.  The women are carrying out an ongoing protest demanding the release of their husbands and relatives which they claim are held as political prisoners.

The Cuban government routinely accuses the prisoners as well as the “Ladies” for receiving funds from the US government in its attempt to undermine the Cuban Revolution.

The march was to take place from the Santa Rita Church along the scenic Fifth Avenue in the upscale Miramar district of Havana.  IPS noted that the women were taken to their homes in a bus.

Meanwhile on Saturday, the Cuban government organized two outdoor concerts —one in Santiago de Cuba and the other in Havana— as rallies of support for its defense of what it sees as a “media war” against the island.

2 thoughts on “Cuba Police Block “Ladies” March

  • The delusion is by far, mostly on the Miami side.

    That being said: what do these Rightwing women do, specifically, that threatens the cuban state, anyway? Stopping their march by force in any way only allows them to immediately play the martyr — which is the obvious real intent of this provocation. Really: it’s better to ignore them, generally. It’s their democratic right to be backwards, narrow-minded and self-righteous, eh?

  • Want to change politics in Cuba? Simple. The U. S. should unilaterally lift all embargo on Cuba; wether Castro wants it or not, and I assume that despite his protestations, he doesn’t. If we do, their need for goods will force them to engage with us through trade and you will quickly see Cuba change. Afterall we trade with China, the biggest unabashed, human rights violator and corrupt communist nation in the world. China, due to this grudging embrace of capitalistic principles is now in a state of schizophrenia. And just as trade has gradually brought about change about in China, it also surely will in Cuba.

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