By Circles Robinson

HAVANA TIMES, April 1 — Cuban tourism and health authorities continue to keep potential visitors to the island in the dark about a new travel insurance requirement that takes effect on May 1.

It was announced several weeks ago that visitors, including Cubans living abroad, must either possess a travel health insurance policy with a foreign company approved by Cuba or purchase coverage from a Cuban firm.

Most Havana Times readers agree that a tourist should have health insurance for any treatment needed as a visitor to Cuba, that’s not the issue. However, a lack of information has some people reconsidering their vacations to the island.

The concern is over the lack of information about what foreign companies will be approved and/or the logistics and expense of buying a Cuban travel policy upon arrival. These details have not been forthcoming, creating uncertainty in a competitive tourism industry market.

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9 thoughts on “Cuba Still Mum on Travel Insurance

  • can you please provide me with the insurance companys on the list of approved firms for Cuba.

    thank you

  • As soon as we see the list we will post it.

  • Please let me know if the list of approved insurance companies have beed issued by Cuban autorities yet .I have my trip booked May 7th and concern it my insurance company is a part of approved list .

  • We are still waiting for the Cuban authorities to provide the list. When they do we will post immediately.

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