Cuba will not have “Small Shop Economy,” says minister

HAVANA TIMES, Dec. 17 – Cuba will not have a “small shop economy,” Cuban Minister of Economy and Planning Marino Murillo affirmed. He reiterated the government’s will to maintain the predominant role of the socialist state enterprise, despite the expansion of the private sector. The minister, in statements to parliament, insisted on the need to give greater autonomy to state enterprises and eliminate the subsidies to entities with losses, reportó IPS.

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One thought on “Cuba will not have “Small Shop Economy,” says minister

  • It is a grave theoretical error to consider state enterprise as “socialist,” yet not consider private enterprise under socialist state power to be “socialist.” In fact, when state power is held by the vanguard, any type of productive property that functions to the benefit of the people is “socialist.”

    If the PCC theoreticians could ever rid themselves of their moralistic prejudice against the institution of private productive property rights, they would be able to figure out how to build workable, dynamic socialism. But they make the same moralistic mistake as the old Utopians, by trying to force the attributes of full communism onto the socialist bridge society coming out of capitalism.

    Socialist property is not just state property. If the state power is socialist, all sorts of property can be socialist, if it works to supply the needs of the people.

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