EU Common Position Prevents Dialogue

HAVANA TIMES, May 14 – The European Union (EU) Common Position toward Cuba prevents the 27 member nations “from having the possibility of establishing a serene and respectful dialogue and backing the changes that the Cubans want to make when they decide to make them,” said Juan Pablo de Laiglesia, Spanish secretary of state for Iberian America.  De Laiglesia denied that Madrid’s wish to establish a new framework of relations with the island means relegating “the political and especially the human rights demands,” reported IPS.

One thought on “EU Common Position Prevents Dialogue

  • Very simply put: the european capitalist ruling-class is the enemy of the workers of the World. Period. Those who foolishly follow their lies and deceits (here, about Cuba) help in their own enslavement.

    Do not relate to europeans as one nation state (even ‘Cuba’) to others: relate to the class makeup of each country — especially as european workers now approach a revolutionary anti-capitalist turn.

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