Farmers’ Congress Kicks Off

HAVANA TIMES, May 14 – The 10th Congress of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) began Friday in the Cuban capital, reported IPS.  The representatives of the cooperative and small farmer sector will debate the means to increase food production, substitute imports and increase exports.

2 thoughts on “Farmers’ Congress Kicks Off

  • Best wishes to the small farmers & ANAP.

    When the capitalist Engels & his frontman Marx came into the socialist movement in order to take it over ideologically and destroy it from within, one of their key objectives was to bring about a political split between the industrial workers and the small farmers (peasants). This they accomplished by promising, in their Manifesto of 1848, that all the land & all farms would now become the property of the state.

    In their bizarre program at the end of the 2nd chapter, they declared that agricultural production would now be carried out by armies of workers marching out from the cities (don’t laugh).

    This warping of the socialist program has handed the small farming families over to the political manipulation of the bankers and grand industrial/commercial bourgeoisie.

    The incorrect program of Marxism has destroyed agricultural production in every county that has attempted to apply it, & this includes brave Cuba.

  • It’s probably hard to make these sorts of meetings ‘exciting’ for most people (they should all be at least available to be watched on e.g. cable TV, if even only in edited versions); but IMO in a truly advanced socialist society, all such congresses would — by their very nature — be quite interesting for most of the citizenry, if organized properly. This would be because most people would understand at least the basics of what was being decided in each technical sphere; and all such advances in technique, for socialist society, would be interesting in themselves, by their very nature.

    As things stand in the World today generally, ‘specialist’ knowledge is acquired and put to use without much if any democratic, open input — and this is just plain wrong. And un-socialist. Use the Internet and computers — and dragoon multi-media resources into explaining and clarifying the issues involved in calling together these decision-making bodies.

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