Fidel: Obama “Dreams of Unreal Things”

HAVANA TIMES, May 8 – Former Cuban President Fidel Castro affirmed that U.S. President Barack Obama “ignores reality and doesn’t want nor could he overcome it,” in one of his usual Reflections published on Saturday in the Cuban press.   “He rather dreams of unreal things in an unreal world,” said the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, who referred to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the blockade against the island and the measures against immigration in the state of Arizona, reported IPS.

Read Fidel Castro’s complete commentary.

One thought on “Fidel: Obama “Dreams of Unreal Things”

  • Obama is proving to be as much a betrayer of the people as any former US President. He is in lock-step with monopoly capitalism in every category, and has craw-fished on every pledge. Fidel and everyone else should not hesitate to tell it like it is.

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