Havana barber shop.  Photo:Caridad
Havana barber shop. Photo:Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, Sept. 28 – The Cuban population should no longer “expect the government is going to solve all of its problems,” according to Communications Minister Ramiro Valdes, quoted by IPS.

Valdes spoke during a tour of the eastern Cuban city of Santiago de Cuba.  He called on people to contribute ideas and solutions to overcome deficiencies in the economy.

The Cuban population is currently being asked to participate in a round of brainstorming at workplaces and neighborhood gatherings to discuss ways to address the island’s serious problems.  Recent speeches by President Raul Castro are being used as a study material to stimulate the sessions.

Since most Cubans receive low salaries they are highly dependent on the State resolving problems from larger ones like housing and maintenance, to the most simple, such as buying what’s need for a child’s birthday party.

6 thoughts on “Minister Says State Can’t Do It All

  • I wish to thank Grady Ross for agreeeing with my views. Raising living standards, increasing productivity, improving the citizen happiness index and satisfying the population material needs, is not against socialism basic premises. The opposite is true. If we were to poll our ever expanding migrant community, the economical factor, the inability to satisfy their basic needs,their unfulfilled dreams, are the root cause of their heartwrenching decision. For skeptics, doubtful or fearful of creating small business cooperatives because it would mean the death of socialism, why not do a 1-2 years experimental test in an isolated area of Cuba (Island of Youth, Yara, San Antonio del Sur in Guantanamo), evaluate its operation, rate positive and negative effects and implement results, whatever they may be. One thing we are already sure of, is that cooperative members will not allow any worker to steal from their workplace, pretend to work, cheat , ill-treat customers or fake results

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