Walmart Stores Looted in Managua, Nicaragua

Police at the entrance to one of the Walmart stores that was looted.  Photo: Jairo Cajina,

HAVANA TIMES – Several supermarkets and other stores were looted Sunday in Managua, including Walmart outlets, as anti-government protests continue to escalate in Nicaragua’s main cities and other localities. The general climate for businesses and tourism is quickly deteriorating with the chaos.

Protestors demand a withdrawal of last week’s highly unpopular Social Security reforms and an end to the Police and paramilitary repression. Some are also demanding an end to what they consier the Ortega dictatorship and its widespread corruption.

The government’s website el19digital, run by Rosario Murillo, the vice president, first lady, the only government spokesperson and coordinator, reports today that shopping centers throughout the capital Managua are under assault “by groups of vandals trying to cause supply shortages, including food, for the population.”

The website informs that looting began early Sunday in Linda Vista, the Ivan Montenegro Market, and at the Super Express Stores and at MaxiPali and Pali outlets (both owned by Walmart).

“Groups of delinquents paid by ‘the Right’ are looting supermarkets and other stores in Linda Vista,” said the government which has sent the army out to assist the riot police in Managua, Estelí and León.

“There is also looting at electrical appliance stores including the Curacao,” adds Murillo’s website.

Inside of the looted Walmart (Maxi Pali) stores. Photo: Jairo Cajina,

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  • You forgot to mention that police murdered 30 inocent people. FYI


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