Barack Obama and Raul Castro shake hands for the first time at Nelson Mandela’s funeral in December 2013 in South Africa. Their governments were already conducting secret negotiations aimed at reestablishing diplomatic relations.
HAVANA TIMES — Will Barack Obama return to Cuba for the funeral of Fidel Castro?  At this point who will represent the US at the official sendoff for the Cuban leader has yet to be announced.

Obama has less than two months to go in his administration and president-elect Trump appears less than supportive of the current administration’s overtures with the island.

Barack Obama and Raul Castro shook hands for the first time at the funeral of Nelson Mandela in South Africa back in December 2013. The gesture sparked considerable speculation and expectations about the relationship between the two historical antagonists.

A year later when Obama and Raul Castro announced a resumption of diplomatic relations we learned that for well over a year behind the scenes talks had been taking place between the emissaries of the two governments with assistance from the Canadian government and the Vatican.

The subsequent thaw in relations, the opening of embassies, the weakening of some aspects of the US embargo on Cuba (still in force), a sharp increase in visitors from the US, and then the Obama trip to Cuba in March 2016 followed.

In subsequent days, the motive behind the Obama visit to Havana was sharply criticized by Fidel Castro who saw it as only a new strategy to dominate Cuba and destroy its revolution.


11 thoughts on “Will Obama Attend Fidel’s Funeral in Cuba?

  • Have all the prisoners in Barlinnie and Peterhead been released?
    Your problem Peter is that rather than examining the reality of fifty seven long weary but frightening years of Castro dictatorship and its oppression, you are yacking about another Cuban Dictator who has been a long time dead. Do you talk about Wendy Wood – or don’t you remember her leading the Scots Nats?
    Nothing has changed in Cuba – it is a repressive Police State with all the active tools of communism including the CDR (which is modelled on the infamous East German Stasi) on every block in every village, town and city, to report to MININT about who is meeting with who, what their activities are and a full annual report is made upon every citizen. Your imagination is running riot. Castro did not give Cuba back to the people of Cuba. He took and kept all power and control to himself.

  • You live in an alternate universe? Fidel was a Dictator who imprisoned or killed all opposition to him and made the people poverty ridden virtual slaves. Obama was only President for 10 months when he was awarded the Nobel Peace prize, a gesture the Prize Committee has come to regret. Do your research on both.

  • Ah! The voice of truth and reason! Kudos!

  • If your family had suffered under Castro tyranny as has mine, you would be “hot on the topic of Fidel” as well.

  • Boy, you’re really hot on the topic of Fidel. I think you should go have a nice lie down and the have some lunch.Everybody knows that Fidel saved Cuba,and that the people
    there are immensely better off than they were in 1960 in every way. Freedom of speech isn’t all that important when you’re starving and the Yankees are raping your daughters and sons. I hope Barack will attend. Hopefully it will go a bit to restoring friendship between the countries. It’s what he was given the Nobel Peace Prize for.

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