by Martin Guevara

General/President Raul Castro. Foto: Ladyrene Perez/Cubadebate.
General/President Raul Castro. Foto: Ladyrene Perez/Cubadebate.

HAVANA TIMES — It would say it was funny if I didn’t find the situation so disgusting.

Raul Castro says that, in 2018, after nearly sixty years of authoritarian and repressive rule, he will step down (not specifying who he will pass the torch to), as though he were offering people a gift. What’s more – and pay attention – he says he would like to visit Miami!

At this point, even the Guinness Book should acknowledge that he, like his brother Fidel, not only holds a record in human rights violations but is also one of the shameless people humanity has ever known, in terms of utter, barefaced forwardness.

Very few things about dictators and despots can truly surprise us these days, but it seems as though the degree of surprise can vary from dictator to dictator.

I know many people respected in their social milieu, endowed with a “left-wing” disposition, who would have long taken up activism (or retreated to the bowels of some bar) to condemn the system’s tyrannical and fascist oppression, if they were told that Eisenhower – not Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Ford, Carter, Nixon or Kennedy -, that is to say, the president the United States had in 1959, were still alive and, surrounded by his great (adult) grandchildren, announcing, as a kind of personal favor to the people, as big news, that he was willing to relinquish his absolute power in three years.

I would expect the same reaction were I to say, in Argentina, that an aged Arturo Frondizi, who was president in 1959 (and was followed by sixteen constitutional presidents and seven military juntas) were still in power, or that De Gaulle were announcing, today, that, if he feels like it, and everyone behaves, he will soon step down.

What mechanism is at work here to make these same “pseudo-leftists” and much of public opinion greet Raul Castro’s announcement that he will likely step down after fifty-nine years of absolute power (without any opposition and plenty of human rights violations) with shameful complacency, and to offer reactions that go from sympathy to the feeling that it is probably not as noxious for those who have no choice but to suffer this rule?

It is probably the same mechanism that keeps them from showing any solidarity towards the prisoners of conscience in socialist countries and from showing copious sympathy for political prisoners in regimes at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Is this a curious or downright shameful fact?

41 thoughts on “Cuba Sympathizers: Curious or Shameful?

  • Can you point to one, just one, statement, from anyone on this forum, that expresses support for Batista? ….just one? Or are you just trying to muddy the waters, so to speak.

  • Amen! I still don’t like the Castros. By the way, I have been to Cuba many, many times.

  • Moses, I have been to Cuba three time. Have you ever been there? I could live in Cuba because it shows you how to survive anywhere, The lessons Cuba teaches you is that Material wealth is not the it all and the end all. It is the human spirit that counts. Why have all this material wealth and so many of your brothers and sisters are suffering? Cuba teaches you to share; to be your brothers keeper; to be interested in the human being. To give that human being a fair chance to exist like the human being he or she was created to be. In the final analysis of life, Moses, what do we do with the material things we have gained through robbing, looting, dehumanizing, exploiting, murdering, subjugating? Tell me brother Moses, what do we do with all the material wealth we have accumulated? A rich man and his gardener died in my country. On earth, the rich man would hold parties and, instead of sharing the left overs with the gardener who lived in a hut to the back of his yard, he would dump them. He would not even share the left overs with the servants who prepared the eats; whatever the gardener cooked he would share with the little children of the maids who worked long hours especially when the rich man held parties. So they both died the same day and both went to heaven. St. Peter escorted them to show them their residence. There was this huge mansion and, beside it, was a little hut. The gardener was shown the mansion and the rich man was shown the hut. The rich man objected stating that on earth,he occupied the mansion and the gardener occupied the hut. St. Peter turned to him and said, “We build according to the materials you send up.” get the message brother Moses?

  • After more than 30 years you would think you would have found a way out of the hell hole you live in.

    Instead we are subjected to your constant bitching about the USA. Perhaps you should spend more time talking about Cuba! this Havantimes?com after all.

  • Dear Martin Guevara :
    I have been living in the West since 1981, and I noticed the governments of Canada and United States try to please everyone with something and in the end please no one , I think such issues is much more complicated then accusations here and there considering the merciless propaganda inflicted on the Cuban society and honorable Castro’s , I have problem believing these accusations ,
    in Canada police used to kidnap natives , take them few miles outside the city in the middle of a snowstorm leaving them naked and drive off , next day after they found them dead the police and the government will say in the autopsy ” he was drunk and walked out of the city by himself ” it is a true story you could check it out for yourself ,I did not see you or anybody else scream your lungs off saying I am disgusted with the Canadian human rights record after all a native in Canada is worse than the black in the south of US.
    does the ends justify the means I say no .
    I don’t see the Castro’s driving around in expensive limousines living high on the hog like kings and queens , I don’t see them invading somebody else’s country and creating terrorist organizations like Isis,
    what I see individuals who love there country and love there people and willing to sacrifice and do whatever it takes to keep them safe healthy and educated ,
    when you say “as thought were offering people gift ” he already done so a lifelong commitment to his country and his people he have his track record to prove it .
    if you look at the history of Central and South America it has been continuous turbulence war revolutions drugs American dumping guns right left and center , the Castro,s have successfully kept Cuba out of the entire century off South American disaster and misery .
    I think you would have been better off used your talent and such language to describe George Bush and the American government , Paris last night is the latest American politics blowback and looks like there is no end in sight .
    in my opinion the heritage that the Castro’s going to leave behind is something in which history wall look at as positive to the benefits of the Cuban society and all of humanity .

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