How Do We Learn to Hate Cuba?

Henry G. Delforn*

Florida Senator Rene Garcia
Florida Senator Rene Garcia.  Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — How do we learn to hate what we don’t know? In the Gaza Strip, Palestine, a mother teaches her child how to throw a stone at the tanks of war against the Israelis. This useless act is not in defense but an act of hate transmitted from mother to child. In Hialeah, Florida, Cuban parents teach their child how to consume and produce propaganda against Cuba in the media war. This useless act is not in defense but an act of hate transmitted from mother to child.

Take the example of Florida Senator Rene Garcia. This young Republican, who was born in Hialeah in 1974 to Cuban parents, and as will be explained here, has done incalculable harm to the state of Florida with his hatred of Cuba as conveyed by his parents.

Rene Garcia’s hatred is not against a single individual, ex-president since 2008 Fidel Castro for example, or against any specific act done by the Republic of Cuba, as if the country did not have sovereignty for example.

No! Rene Garcia’s hate is a useless hate burden in his soul, his hateful acts only demonstrate his love since childhood of his parents. The word “gusanos” to refer to these parents only causes more pain, and I will not use it.

What has senator Rene García done? This young fellow is one of two that in 2012 originated a law prohibiting Florida companies to bid on contract jobs with the state of Florida, if that company does business with Cuba. Florida Governor Rick Scott, was forced by the “Cuban political mafia of Miami”, to sign the law. Rick Scott, after signing the law, said the law is contrary to the Constitution of the United States. Marco Rubio, U.S. Senator, critized Scott and supported the Garcia law.

With this new law, the political contacts of Rene Garcia introduced a lawsuit against a company in Florida, named Odebrecht with $3 billion in potential contract bids in construction with the state of Florida, only because Odebrecht has a remote connection to another company based in Brazil which works in the bay and port of Mariel, Artemis Cuba. The García political group did not take the time or effort to study the legal business connection of the company, and proceeded with their hatred lawsuit.

So what happened? After a year of incalculable costs in the legal courts of Florida, a cost paid by the citizens of Florida and a cost that could have gone to human projects, the federal court declared the same as was said by Florida Gov. Rick Scott when signed into law, that the law goes against the constitution of the United States and it was rejected!

The Odebrecht lawyer, James Moye, said that “The federal government is going to continue to establish whatever it believes is the proper relationship with Cuba. It’s not for the state or local governments to attempt to set the parameters for the relationship with Cuba.”

What does this all mean, who is to blame, is it like the song of Buena Fe, La Culpa, that “the damn fault is nobody’s”? – No sir! The blame is shared between two: the parents of Rene Garcia for teaching their child how to throw stones, and the son himself for not waking his adult conscious.

But perhaps Buena Fe helps us better with peace because René Garcia is simply a victim of the war machine and media propaganda against Cuba (the “Cuban political mafia of Miami”) who received this year $20 million for the promotion of hatred against Cuba.

The “Cuban political mafia of Miami” includes: Pan American Development Foundation; Grupo de Apoyo a la “Democracia”; International Relief and Development; National “Democratic” Institute; Foundation for “Human Rights” in Cuba; Pan American Development Foundation; National Endowment for “Democracy”; U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID); and the US Department of State who manages the money.

All this money that could have gone to human projects, all this money in the name of hate, useless hate, useless because the Cuban Revolution and the sovereignty of the Republic of Cuba is absolute and a fact of life, and the best thing that the “Rene Garcias” of the world can do is learn how to analyze their hatred against countries that they do not even know.

(*) Henry G. Delforn is an electrical engineer (Cuban-born U.S. citizen who lives in California and enjoys his independent political affiliation.

24 thoughts on “How Do We Learn to Hate Cuba?

  • September 13, 2013 at 7:21 am

    You are wrong: Castro couldn’t get US support even by declaring himself non communist (see the “pyjamas interview” in the old Hilton now Habana Libre). To survive he turned to the communist party and the Soviet Union.
    The Cuban revolution wasn’t communist as even Che Guevara stated.

    The quote:
    “The Cuban revolution is not a class revolution, but a liberation movement that has overthrown a dictatorial, tyrannical government.”
    From: Che Guevara Speaks: Selected Speeches and Writings, G. Lavan ed. (New York: Pathfinder, 1967), p. 13.

    For the complete story see:
    The Cuban revolution the truth behind the lies”

    Note: the page has the video of the “pyjamas interview.

  • September 13, 2013 at 1:28 am

    How to love Cuba, go there with open ears and eyes and you will love CUBA. The people, the politics, the music, the lifestyle, the beaches, THE REVOLUCION and most of all the socialism. VIVA CUBA.

  • September 13, 2013 at 12:02 am

    The embargo is criminal

  • September 13, 2013 at 12:01 am

    I grew up in Cuba, nobody is oppressing anybody. 99% of the people we come here for economical reason, not for political reason, but in Miami we have to say whatever they want to hear in order to survive.

  • September 12, 2013 at 9:30 pm

    The usual Castroite apologists and their reinterpretation of
    anti-Castro actions as being against the Cuban people thereby implying
    that the Castro regime represents all the people born in Cuba where
    nothing could be further from the truth.
    This is the favorite tactic of the regime and its fellow travelers as if the
    constant repetition of this transference legitimizes the totalitarian
    rule by two brothers and their henchmen of the most beautiful island in
    the Caribbean…

  • September 12, 2013 at 8:38 pm

    How original. So eloquent.

  • September 12, 2013 at 8:37 pm

    Well said!

  • September 12, 2013 at 8:34 pm

    Here are a few thoughts. In my opinion Mr. Delform is to be commended for trying to expose and analyze a difficult subject, difficult to examine because if we ourselves are not in a hating mood, we are likely to recoil from the discussion of hate, difficult to examine rationally because our own extreme negative emotions have understandably clouded our objectivity and motivation. If someone like Mr. Delform or Fidel Castro or even Moses Patterson chooses to differentiate between “hatred” of persons, countries or peoples and their particular behaviors or policies, this is one good step away from blind hate and fear and toward the next possibility – checking the facts against the values.

    Mr. Delform’s thesis follows basic human psychology and sociology – and illustrates the way combatants are wound up to go slaughter or be slaughtered. His thesis as I understand it, is simply that young minds are especially susceptible to being emotionally and cognitively swayed by their caregivers. That is why most kids follow the same religion of their family, even if their are other religions nearby. Most children of parents who “hate” people who are different (in appearance, culture or specific behaviors) will most often do and think as their parents. It takes a major and persistent series of social conflicts (usually with some violence) for the children to later in life adopt different views than their parents.

    So for the logic of the “haters” of Castro, communism, socialism, egalitarianism, naive liberals – and this list could be continued down a long spectrum of ideological differences – to persuade us, we would have to accept that they (and by some extension the parents teaching their kids the “right” think) are absolutely right and the people who they condemn (for whatever reason) are all wrong.

    Let’s be blunt. Many commentators on these lists are so full of hate (and fear of thinking complex thoughts) that they couldn’t care less about nuanced or troublesome facts. It’s like the old U.S. joke where a cop is accidentally beating a counter-protester who cries out “But I am anti-communist!” and the cop replies “I don’t care what kind of communist your are!” and continues to beat him.

    Lastly, the top of the pecking order in Empires, corporations and reactionary movements are usually a lot smarter and capable of introspective and relative thinking, they just find it personally most rewarding to continue to exploit these human vulnerabilities.

    The end result of such power is vast human suffering topped by a few better off on one side and on the other the suicidally ignored, looming coming of catastrophic climate changes that are likely to arrive sooner than even the conservative scientists believed. Imagine if we put all that military money and effort into alleviation human suffering? We might even find more effective ways to spread the wealth and health.

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