26 thoughts on “Where Are the USA-Cuba Talks Headed?

  • The US lifted their embargo on China many years ago. The dictatorship no longer had the old excuses, but it didn’t matter. The tanks still rolled over the students in Tiananmen Square. The dictatorships in those countries live on. So what will be different about Cuba?


  • Haroldo and I think very much alike about this issue….his recent article parallels my sentiments, and I believe it also helps to answer your question, Moses. Once the embargo / Helms-Burton is gone, the Cuban government will have nowhere else to hide for their shortcomings. The Cuban population will have high-expectations of their government, post-embargo…and when their expectations are not met, the government will find it impossible to stifle the backlash of discontent. Under the world’s looking glass, the government will no longer be able to repress the anti-government movements without making serious concessions to the way they govern. The genie will be out of the bottle at that point, making it much more palatable for the government to make much broader changes, and inevitably, moving much closer to democracy as it will be demanded by the people once they acquire a thirst for further change.


  • which wolf will win? the one you feed

  • How do you see this this dictatorship ending and democracy emerging? Is there an historical precedent for a dictatorship stepping down and being replaced, through peaceful means, by a democracy. You continue to make this claim but I have never read your explanation of how it will happen.

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