Angel’s Hill in Havana’s Historic Center

Photo feature by Ernesto Gonzalez Diaz


HAVANA TIMES — In Havana’s historic center, near the Museum of the Revolution, you can find the place that inspired Cirilo Villaverde to write his famous novel “Cecilia Valdes or Angel’s Hill.”

It’s a very touristy place, which today is growing with businesses in keeping with the times that the Cuban capital is currently experiencing.

Tourists from the most diverse places mingle here, to have a coffee outside, to eat lobster, Cuban or international food, to buy a souvenir or a piece of art made by a budding painter and even well-known painters.

They are a number colonial alleyways which are calm and cobbled, where the majority of the buildings have been perfectly kept, making it the ideal place for tourists and transforming it into an important hub for business opportunities.

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3 thoughts on “Angel’s Hill in Havana’s Historic Center

  • Nice photographs of a lovely area.

  • This place is for you if you like tourist enclaves and paying European prices. Just another example of how some Cubans (with off island contacts) are really benefiting, while others are not. Prices are often inflated to cater to cruise ship visitors who can’t manage to waddle past Old Havana and have no idea about local prices and are consequently willing to pay through the nose. Lomo is great for a wander and thinking you might be anywhere in the Mediterranean but personally makes me feel uneasy.

  • Excellent photos, gracias!


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